sape suka like !


i'm da nEw bUt u r nOt?!

                           hOlLA. . .
me?! u think? ? dun noe? ?
                       i'm siti aishah bt abd rahman. they call me ecah. . i'm 18 years old. still young rite?? stay at bukit rambai melaka. i'm pure melaka. still study at Nilam College diploma in nursing. . i love my mom,dad,sis,bro n younger sis. also my bubu pinky. . i'm da simple one. hate complicated and love peace. . i like shuffle. did u think i can shuffle?? i learn from my ex boyfried. . now,he just my friend. . i'm da talk active like 'burung murai'. hahahah. . now,i try to learn and accept what i don't want but i get it. . its difficult too me. but i will try all my best. . what in my mind? ? who noe?? no one... i believe i can do it. . without 'you' i can do it. . =)


  1. woot! ble lak ko start blogging ni?huhuhu
    maju sungguh kambing zaman skunk....hahahha

  2. bengong...
    sape kah anda?
    kne sepok ngn aku kang...=)