sape suka like !


idaman!!sampai mimpi baiii nak kan nikon... 
otak die... kalo korang nak taw nie la idaman aku lagi dulu..
N.I.K.O.N!!jelas tanpe dengung aku sangat meminati nikon.. sape x minat nikon laa...
dulu2 aku ni nak jadi photographer tp xtercapai pulak impian tu kn..
mama nak nikon... 
t mak aku ckp ''nak?'' ''beli la sendiri''... da taw da jawapan tu... soo aku xpayah nak susah2 
g ckp kt mak aku nak nikon.. 
xdek gune nyew... huhhhhh!! sum one can buy for me??
i love nikon soo muchhh.. heheh..(cet t ad orang marah t)..
knpe aku minat nikon??
  • The bottom of the camea is one area thast is likely to be bumped, and if it's reiforced with metal, I suppose there is less stress to be be trasmitted into the weaker polycarbonate bits. (The frame is not just top and bottom, it also runs up the back of the camera)
    With a polycarbonate only body, the issue is not if the plastic breaks at the site of impact (if you mange this, you're too rough on your camera...), but with the integrety of where the various plastic componets joint together.
    My main concern is still with the mirror box/lens mount... looking at the shape of it, it does look fiddly to fabricate, but clearly they used plastic here to save money.
  • slightly left field, but if you have ever seen a car that has suffered a front quarter smash, chances are you will see the headlamp hanging out by its wires, the metal work which used to hold it in place all bent and twisted, but the headlamp itself (made of polycarbonate) physically intact.
    OK, I know the bodywork is designed to crumple in a crash to absorb the impact, but I am always impressed how the headlamps, right up there in the action, usually survive.

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